My name is Edgar Chris and i am a web apps designer and developer.
I design solutions that make daily life on the web easier that is User friendly Designs.

Each site i develop is built to meet this need using the latestet available development principles and techniques.

My package also includes specialised development skills in XHTML ,CSS ,HTML4, HTML5, CSS3 ,JAVASCRIPT and PHP just to mention afew.

I believe that good design helps businesses clarify and realize their vision,
enhance their products and services, and serve their customers better. I am committed
to providing you with a flexible, high value,and high quality solutions to whatever your design/develpment challenge is.

AS a web application developer i strongly believe that clients should not only get beautiful designs but also wonderful functionality

As such i am heavily armed with just the right set of ambition passion and skills to
get the job done


xhtml php html5 css css3 javascript xml html4

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